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Todd's Story

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The Crack Journey

The journeys that crack cocaine took me on ended up being a blessing. It exposed me to the evil side of life. It is there that I found, ate and loved the devil's candy. This hideous stuff could be nothing but evil. I hated treatment and jail because I felt like time and life just went by never to get it back and it went by so crawled. The effects of crack are so below the lowest, really sad and feels like a demonic possession. I hated being called a crackhead even though that is what I was. Just to be called a true crackhead and that I will never be able to stop smoking crack cocaine were the lowest words heard by me ever. When a crackhead gets ticked when I say it now (like on my LIVE Internet Radio Show) my reaction is good...let it piss you off. Get angry with crack...not me. Attack crack. Hold nothing back when attacking.

For a long time, a very long and terrible time, I was caught up in the revolving treatment doors and the revolving jail doors. Both kept my life spinning for many years of misery, despair and the absolute feeling of no hope of ever ridding myself from the power crack cocaine seemed to have over me. I sought treatment time after time with little or no results. When I did get results, they were short lived and I stayed a crackhead for many years. The effects are so devastating, a possession is what this has to be.

Still on the Journey
  Smoking crack cocaine will destroy everything you have ever thought, felt, desired, loved and believed in. Crack cocaine goes as far as destroying your life completely, along with anyone willing to come close enough to the stench created by smoking crack cocaine.

A crack cocaine possessed person can change. I am proof of that. My changed life is a result of my changed heart. How do you change the heart? "To thine own self be true". My story is no different than anyone who has been or still might be a crackhead. I am fortunate. It is very difficult to explain to someone who has never smoked crack cocaine how crack cocaine takes you over. Their comment might be something like, "Can't you just decide to quit?" Although this could be true, for most crackheads this would not be an option. I'm convinced that cocaine in any form is a lie, whether it's crack, powder, eating, drinking, shooting, smoking or snorting, all of it is part of the devil's candy lie.

Getting clean from crack cocaine sucks, not the end results but the process. Treatment centers never offered any more to me than groups, sponsorship, and step programs. All the crap that has trailed you from crack cocaine use comes up and takes a chunk out of your sorry crack-ass. If we would deal with the internal spiritual battle of one attempting to quit, then maybe we would grab on to how this can be done. So can we just get on our knees and cry out to God to rescue us from crack cocaine? I believe we can ask to help us resist the devil which happens to be crack cocaine in this instance. It still is a choice for us to actually smoke crack cocaine, a bad one, but one. Does it instantly stop? For some yes. For others like myself not so sudden. If one would put in as much effort into being clean and understanding the road ahead as we did in chasing the candy, everyone could be crack-free for life.

You can stop the madness. I did. I believe and hope that I can somehow make a connection within a crackheads dark world. We seek to help those connected to a crackhead and in some small possible way the crackhead themselves. When the darkness of crack cocaine finally engulfs someone, it could be through you that someone might be able to "get this message" just a little faster than I did. I have seen and done all that surrounds crack cocaine use. It is horrible. Use my horrible experiences to get your power over crack cocaine. Praise GOD there is always hope. HE will help start your journey to living crack cocaine free...but be ready for an evil onslaught and a powerful display of unbelievable stuff once the decision is made to "attack crack". As long as we know where this stuff is coming from and believe its one purpose is to destroy all in its way, we can at least have a fighting chance. That is all we need to win this battle for our soul and spirit. Start now not after you have your last hit. The last time might be your last time!


Crackheads with money >>> Go to Jail >>> Prison >>> or Die!