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DVC Ministry Comments

...I hope our paths continue to cross-Larry need to market your site & bring in lots of $-Rusty
...Was really inspired by site, do u want 2 sell?-Angela
...I know we can do this. Thanks for your advice-Doug & Pam
...Do you have a place to go to? God bless you both- mj taylor
...came across website-so touched by your story!-Aleksandra
I know your books helped my brother before he died in an accident-Lisa
...the night i was crying my eyes out God took me to your site. I have been clean ever since -Tracey
...thank you Todd for creating a program for attacking crack -Mike
...I am blessed to have found you guys -Scott
...thank you for saving my life tonight -Tarrie have saved the lives of more than you will ever know -Tom
...thank you for reaching out to me -Yolanda
...thanks again for everything -Claudia
...I can't believe what I am hearing...hope! -John
...thank you so much for your help! -Cheyene
...I was feeling like there was no hope and you gave me that hope with your call -Valerie
I came across your website in a desperate effort, thank you -Yvette
thank you Todd for writing back, you made my day!-Randy
thank you for your response, God bless you -Lainey
anything u can do to help will be appreciated -Dan
ran across your website on the net, I don't believe in accidents -Joe
thank you for the encouraging words -Orville
very uplifting to know your an email away -Lynn
your program has brought me closer to my family & God -David
I'm a crackhead, found your site, thank you -Dan
I am so grateful for your program -Doris
I think your page is very inspiring -Rachel
I'm sure thankful for what you are doing -David
I think your website is amazing Todd! -Mary
awesome it is to see a ministry like this -Tamara
God bless your ministry! -Eileen
I fully support your fine efforts-Dr. Lynn Kesselman
thank you so much, I will do the reading and listening -Arnie
ust tell me how to get the ball rolling -Nancy
Please answer my ?'s Todd,I need your help -Steve
thank you for being there -Maria(Maz)
I would love to help you out in such a worthy cause  -Brad (WJQ Radio)
Thank you for listening and God bless you -Shelley
by the way, the sun rises are beautiful again, THANKS -Julie
...thanks for replying -Amber
you guys forever keep pressing on -Tameka
you must have seen something special in Todd to stand by him -Charlene
you are an answer to prayer -Sharon
thank you again for being there -Darlene
thanks for listening to me -Tammy
I am very excited to read your books, I hope they will answer my desperate prayers -Rebecca
happy to have found you and want to be a member  -Jorge (El Salvador)
thank you for your website -Mary Ann
thanks again for your work and support, God bless you both -Lynn & Trish
I often read your website and pray the LORD continues to bless you -Harris
you have given me and my family a newfound hope -Brett & Jackie
this type of honest tell it like it is approach is what so many need -Steve
...Your website and it's AWESOME -Leticia
...Just reading your stuff has helped me understand this is super bigger than me -Barbara
...sorry to vent but it is hard to find people who understand -Jonnie
...thank you very much because I have found your book to be very helpful -Paula
...I will be searching your website for answers -Vivian
...wanted to say that you made a difference -Kim
...I am so thankful I have found your website -Jessica
...thank you for letting the LORD use you to fight this devils candy called crack cocaine -Paul
...reading the posts from this group is amazing -Kaia
...this program works if you want it to-Dawn
...I find your words to be very powerful and eye opening -Melissa
...Todd I discovered your site and u r so right -Randy
...First, I would say you have a great website with a lot of information Ricky
...your website helped me so much Suzy
...please please tell me there is hope Alix
...thank you so much for your time, consideration and understanding!!! Erika you know any drug rehabs in Mexico near Renova? Donna
...your book was a great success and your radio shows even better Brian
...still listening and crack-free! Nancy
...thank you so much for your site and teaching us how to conquer crack cocaine Dana
...I have visited your website and it has helped me a lot Deborah
...I found your site after many hours of looking for help for my ex-boyfriend, thanks! Tammy
...because we know we cannot do this without you, thanks so very much Teresa and family
...I just wanted to thank you for being a lifesaver for our family Hope
...Todd, this ministry can help me learn to attack and conquer crack Dave
...your material have been helpful Jason
...God bless you and Todd for your difficult ministry Janice
...I found your website and gained a little hope Robert
...loved your music and sent your CD to LA, I will let you know JoAnne
...your site was a big help Kathy
...thank you for having this site Sue
...what an awesome website N. Chaney
...what a wonderful website! Thora
...hey Camille and Todd, I love the site Susan
...Todd, I thank you for being a VOICE crying in the wilderness Regina
...I was turned on to your website at 12am this morning, I praised God for it Crystal
...thank you for the useful information Lamar
...I have found this program exceeds all my expectations Jonathon
...I have to commend the both of you for your dedication to this cause Lloyd
...looks like you and Todd have done some wonderful work Tim Farley (Chris's brother)
...I came across your website and was very impressed Joni
...thank you for the guidance and may God continue to bless your ministry Lee
...Hi there, I was just looking at your awesome website! Carol
...Thank you for the words in your emailJorgi
...I am looking forward to giving your program 100%!!! Preston
...your 75 Day Program is very interesting Delroy
...Thank you for all you do Todd, you are truly a blessing in my life right nowBeth
...Hi, I am a non-user that needs help Karen
...I'm looking forward to becoming part of this ministry to conquer this demonic possession Bill is encouraging however that she called you Eddie Ray
...thank you guys Mimi
...GREAT Sites - so much info here Steve
...thank god my wife found this sight Ron
...thank you jesus thank you todd Marty
...your website is going to really help! Thank you Deanna
...Thank god for Todd and Camille Jerry
....was reading about a girl on who quit-thanks to Todd Anita
...Thanks Camille and Todd for your dedication with this issue. May God richly bless you Connie
...Hi. Very nice site, Thank you Danny
...Thank you and Camille both for being an inspiration. Keisha
...This ministry has turned my life around Eldon
...just started putting it to work last week and I can feel it working, saving my life. Tabitha
...Just wanna say hello and thanks for such a brilliant idea of your website Betty
...Attacking crack really works and it is simple Amber
...Your website ministry has changed my life THANK YOU from the bottom of my beating heart Nancy
...I like how you talk about being free from crack, it all makes sense Dave
...Thank you for this website. I appreciate no pictures of crack and crack pipes all over Elizabeth
...this website has helped me and gave me inspiration. Thanx guys !!!! Jessica
...this is going to be great thanks so much Michelle
...The new website is so awesome a great weapon to help attack crack Teresa
...Thank you for sharing your success with others Elisia
...This website has helped me out a lot and I hope it helps me find the answers Crystal
...This is a good site Karen
...Just wanted to say thanks for this site Kurt
...We have victory over crack using the 75 day program David
...I think you are doing a good thing here Frank
...this will help me recover with the tools from this site. Thank you for giving me hope debbie
...Well its nice to read something eye opening online Roy
...I love you already and I never met you Sophia
...Stop by and consider being a guest on my show Todd The Montyman on the computer, looked around and there your ministry was. I pray you program work Kevin
...Thank you for this site Dana
...I pray this site can help him thank you for this blessing of hope Cynthia
...You are the answer I have been praying for Julie
...found your website and started reading, thank you Todd and Camille
....i have listened to todd on your other website and he caught my attention Craig
...been praying for help for years, woke up this morning, i cant explain it but here i am Marcus
...Thanks for the site. I'll be buying the ebooks when I get a job Dawn
...i plan on working this program until it works Racheal
...I am really connecting with what I am learning from your website Roy
...I like your site because it is very honest and is faith based Victor
...Thank you I now see that being honest about my past can open doors to the future Dominic
...i find your site to be very interesting and see it to be very helpful for me james ready and willing to quit this evil madness George
...I want to thank you for your website, so informative Tina
...thanks so much for your ministry! May God continue to bless you and yours CAROLYN
...Seems like you guys have the right formula Paul
...We're trying this program instead of rehab it didn't work for him Debra
...We are hoping that your program is the "answer" we've searched for for so many years Eva
...Day 1 meant everything to me. Just knowing that the first thought of using can be attacked! Ruth
...Thank God you have a happy ending here! It gives me hope Kimberly
...God has blessed you and your wife Dianna
...I wish I had found this 6 years ago pamela
...God bless you for this spirit filled ministry SUNSHINE
...this seems like it might work for me i had tried all kind treatment centers donald
...i know this is the place i need to be Kelly
...Thank you for your words of wisdom Ronna
...I will come back to your site as it has been comforting Shawn
...I thank you for following God's will in using your victory to help others Jonathon
...This site has truly been a blessing to my life stacy
...This site was an excellent source of information and helped me a lot Erika
...I just visited your site and am blown away by the wealth of information Bree
...i am clean 10 weeks because i have followed what we talked about Todd Ed girlfriend found your site and I have decided to stop the insanity Edward
...I really want to thank you and Todd for all the help Sonja
...Thank you for fighting this form of addiction and prevailing problem-Lori
...thank you so much for your help-Andria
...Thanks again for your dedication and work-Connie
...praise God for you and your words of hope and encouragement Sandra
...I thank God for warriors like you and Todd-kimmy
...I am very grateful for your guidance and support Michael
...I have listened to the radio shows and everything you say is true Daniel
...your website inspired me, I am naming my baby Todd Ryan
...your website gave me the strength to look at me objectively Donna
...I came across the devilscandy page, interesting name for crack users sue
...from what I have read on the internet, your site was most helpful Shelli
...I looked at your site and really liked what I read veester
...your site is the only one that has given me any hope that my boyfriend can recover Barb
...Hi Todd, I am listening to your radio shows for the first is for my boyfriend Sherry
...You can't imagine how much your kindness means Lita
...Your program is important to me Ruby
...I came across your website and want to thank you for your excellent information Craig
...I loved your post, it was truly a message of hope Susan
...Thank you for caring so much angel
...I hope your site is real and you will reply Syd
...I am excited that you are giving back in such a positive and unselfish way Kelle
...I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your radio show last night Judy
...You guys are the 1st ones I thought of, thank you for being there Rob
...I like your website the best so far Brian
...What an awesome site. I believe you when you say it is the devils candy Rochelle
...Your site actually says crack can be beat. You don't hear that very often June
...Thanks for answering my email Naomi
...Thank you for all your hard work you have done and still do Samier from Germany
...God bless you for sharing your story and helping others Nicole
...Thank you for your speedy reply. Looking forward to being a part of this fellowship Pepe
...Thank you so much and God bless you for your ministry and giving of yourself Debbie
...Thanks for your story and emails I have been recieving with hope Maria
...I just visited your website and am blown away by the wealth of information Bree
...Thanks so much. I feel more power over my actions Wendy
...God bless you both Elizabeth
...Thank you for your website, I cannot stop crying Louise
...Once again I really want to thank you and Todd for all your help Sonja
...Thanks for keeping in touch. I have been off the devils candy for over a year now! Samir
...I appreciate your website so much Tirsa
...You folks are doing a good thing. God bless you! lyn
...Thank you for all your help Gary
...I will get back into your website and order the books Natalie
...Dear Todd, I think your site is great Brent
...Thank you very much for your time and for you website to help people Amber
...I just want to thank you for your inspirational story Gaynell
...Your website is awesome tammy
...Thank you so much for all the info you have Sharon
...I definitely have learned the most from your website Leslie
...Thank you for the help you and Todd have offered sparky
...Thank you so much, I for one am truly grateful Brandy
...Your site was a life saver Mrs. C
...Thanks Todd and Camille for being the footprints when I needed you-Cathy
...Thanks for listening and I will check out your radio show Kathy
...Your website is a great beginning to a successful journey - Marie
....I would love some bumper stickers promoting your website Jenn

...Thank you once again for being there Mary
...Thank you for your support Paige
...Thank God for getting back to me, God Bless Corey
...Thanks for your website legal222
...Your story is awesome Lisa
...Hello Todd, I found your website by the grace of God Karen
...Thank you for your information and dedication to a raging epidemic Dian
...Thanks for answering back so quickly Clarita
...Thank you for the work you are doing Leagh
...I just came across your website and I live in Grand Rapids Fiona
...Hi there..great site!-Jay
...I love you guys Joan
...tod thanks for doing whut you do Matthew
...Hi Todd: I need help Dawn
...I need your support! brian
...Thank you I will put fourth your advice, it is just so hard Tonya
...i could use the help Daryl
...I call you the crack-demon killer Matthew
...I am grateful for your website Cheryl
...thanks for the tools Marcus
...was feeling hopeless until i found your web site Scott



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