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My Brother


Nov 28
Very tough day for Scott- I was told they would be moving him later so I went home for a bit. 2 hours later I get a call from Scott in a panic that men in uniforms were there to take him away! Total panic and could hear it in his voice...dont understand lack of civility in this place! Because I have felt this place is ignoring Scott because he is a "medicaide" person and the treatment is according to that! They have done ZERO to help him chew as stated in their bragging procures - nothing for ANY physical therapy according to their bragging procure...he got settled down later in day - also FINALLY had contact with Mary Free Bed on getting a counsultation from them -  I WAS NEVER told this is an option and I asked TWICE and was TOLD there is NOTHING they can do PERIOD! Well we posted on Facebook for help and an acquaintance informed us of the "counsultation" from Mary Free Bed so WE KNOW Scott's LEVEL and get a true assessment instead of this LAME crap here that comes no where near their bragging procures!! We are getting a counsultation as we got an actual call back on Thanksgiving to help us get this done...THANK YOU Kristen Duthler...hoping and praying for the right results and at least a diagnose as to what we can expect and move forward to - his surgey "stuff" is healing good and seems ok
Nov 27
WOW WOW WOW! The surgery was very very very serious as it was told to me by the Dr that this was his most challenging "carotid" surgery EVER! for him...the length of the plaque was 7cm and was in a "cottage cheese" consistency squirting out as soon as he cut the artery to "scrape" the plaque and was totally sirprised at what he saw and more surprised Scott has not had more and more severe storkes and maybe lucky to be alive! Recovery has been difficult Scott has had 2 blood paks added  his hemoglobin was down to has now gone up to 9. Another issue is Scotts blood pressure - it is all OVER the place from 170 to 110 to 150 to 100 ... right now it is stable at about 140/75. I had to force Scott to sit still and he tried to bite my face and then was thinking about spitting in my face till I gave him the death LOOK! :) When I got back here at 6pm today and Scott called me over and apologized for getting mean to me today! Pretty cool...
Nov 26
SURGERY DAY! this was an extremely long day for both -  a Dr said he would go to surgery at 11am whn I knew it was more like 230pm and of course EVERY 3 minutes and 33 seconds Scot was "commanding" COOMMEE ONN! They cancelled I know it...Scot has a good talk with Dr and got some questions answered. At 230pm they came and got him. While in intake I said it is freezing in here...and Scott said " to keep the dead bodies longer"! LOL Surgery was done at 8pm. The recovery room was not even explainable in words what Scott was like and saying >>>>>>>>
Nov 25
Scott's birthday kept it low key - was a rough day thinking surgery was today and not tomorrow. I was actually away for 18 hours - Camille stayed with Scott and in general a normal day - had a major "movement" FINALLY and could see relief when I got there arond 8pm.
Nov 24
Finally spoke to vascular surgeon! Surgery is Tuesday afternoon - (Right Carotid Endart-erectomy). It was mentioned THIS issue on right side of neck caused the "original" stroke - not sure if it is the one from 4 months ago or the one in September 2019. The risk is smaller than not doing surgery. I am obtaining all medical records for Scott to review and see what actually happened and when.He had a good bowel movement Saturday, (last one 5 days ago) and I believe is relieved from that and is resting in a good way today not the usual "restless" way.
Nov 23
Scott got very agitated today when wrongfully denied phone access to me while I was gone for a bit...wants date and time for surgery-feels wont happen again! They keep saying Monday or Tuesday! Good food day no issues, added lots of salt & pepper. Speech struggled a bit but decent clear.
Nov 22
Met Scott's probation officer-looking at getting released from probation w/letter from Dr.
Made a Disability Claim appt. & got checklist to asssemble.
***surgery is now scheduled for Monday or Tuesday*** - this is the neck vein surgery

Nov 21
No contact from surgeons again.
Tried to go for walk but was too tired. Scott has been mentioning how sore he is and having trouble moving around in bed-needs help to switch sides to sleep on.
Joe & Zoe had good visit - Scott was talking good - called me to let me know he was OK cuz Joe and Zoe were visiting and I was past the time I wrote down I'd be back.

Wed. Nov 20 Placement found-the ONLY place besides "fuller" that accepted Scott called The Laurels of Kent in Lowell, Mi-waiting for discharge to there - feel pretty good about this place.

Waiting on surgeons to inform on operation - not sure Y delay-will have to contact them AGAIN!

Gets tired after 5 min of talking.
Need to "rehab" leg/arms as he has had almost zero physical anything at Spectrum.

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