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 I smoked rocks every day for 10 years! In this site you will find how I stopped the madness. I hope you find exactly what you need to stop crack!


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Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing unbelievable and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be.

* My Name Is to read
this poem will change your life

You did it again...penniless from crack

We are not afraid to say what needs to be said and heard...PERIOD!
 Did your crackhead ask if you would mind if they went out for a bit to smoke some crack cocaine? & 5 days or 5 weeks later they show up and act like "Why isn't dinner ready?!"
                   on if your ready to kill crack cocaine...

 You will not find crack cocaine recipes or pictures of how to make crack cocaine or how to cook cocaine to crack or help in how to smoke crack cocaine from some kind of crack pipe. There are no pictures of crack to look at. We will not be singing any crackcocaine lyrics or have anything to do with the devils candy except to show you how to attack, destroy and conquer this horrible demonic insidious substance sometimes known as freebase, basing or smoking rocks. Smoking crack cocaine goes way beyond cocaine effects and just being an addiction and will need something much stronger than just a support group meeting with a sponsor from AA for cocaine use because this crack addiction is just another cocaine addiction drug of choice?
Our efforts are at eliminating, destroying and conquering crack cocaine addiction forever. Our treatment methods and techniques along with our support group, are for the serious minded addict or non addict who truly has had enough of the crack hell caused by smoking crack cocaine and wants true and complete freedom and not staying stuck in lifetime recovery.

The goal:
To help you find freedom through our DVC Ministry 75 Day Program to stop the crack-addiction, possession and madness that comes from smoking crack cocaine, often nicknamed crack after the sound made when lit. The kind of help you will find here turns a lifetime of crack recovery into complete freedom from crack cocaine forever because you are the one who will conquer the devils candy with the power from God already granted to you.

From Wikipedia:
Crack cocaine, crack or rock is a solid form of cocaine. It is a freebase form of cocaine that can be made by using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or sodium hydroxide, in a process to convert cocaine hydrochloride (powder cocaine) into methylbenzoylegonine (freebase cocaine).

From Wikipedia:
Crack cocaine when processed correctly, may contain most of the original cocaine alkaloid as it did before being what is called on the streets as buffed. Buffing cocaine is the process of adding different substances, usually chemicals closely related to the original alkaloid, in attempts of increasing the size of the yielded product. Most forms of additives can be easily boiled off through cooking, i.e., baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), inositol, (vitamin B8) and even forms of powdered baby laxatives (that have been used to add additional weight to the initial cocaine).
In the USA, the cutting reduces the original powdered cocaine, with the remainder added as talc, powder milk, glucose, sink cleaner, or even the worming medicine, "levamisole". Some crack can have a soapy taste or smell.

We believe crack cocaine is the one and only original devils candy. As in any enemy item, many things can have that example of another appropriate title is for meth and that is: The Devil's Death Dust...this too is from the enemy.

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Life of A Crackhead
Once upon a time there was a crack in my life, crack cocaine that is. My crystal rock of cooked powder coke was placed in a pipe to send the contaminating smoke inside my body to converse with my soul and spirit. The proposition was to possess all of my character and moral values. I could not pass this up. I craved the rush that cannot be described and is beyond normal human comprehension. The craving for this drug has such a euphoric possession it goes past boundaries set by natural laws for living, and living crack free forever while being in complete contrast with each other, euphoria or possession.
The anxiety during the chase to get just a small piece of crack is insane and so intense, followed by depression so deep you could kill. I know of not one treatment center or method of help for an addict with this addiction that addresses anywhere near the description of the crack high that all programs that say they can help and have knowledge of but refuse to be the new and alternative or out of the ordinary go against the conventional insurance backed facilities that depend on failure to overcome this substance that must be from the enemy. It is written that the fallen angel has a first name of Lucifer or simply put - the enemy.

Smoking crack cocaine allows your body, soul and spirit to become contaminated and then possessed by the enemy which is more than just an addiction. Treatment programs that aim only at recovery, meetings, rehab, groups and addiction only, do not fully address the spiritual contamination and possession that does occur when we have an addiction to smoking rocks of cooked coke, called the Devils Candy!

Don't wait until crack kills...YOU!

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Normal Beliefs:
To believe that the pull and overwhelming urges to smoke crack cocaine are just a crack addict with a crack addiction or plain substance abuse could be a couple of the reasons why so many crackheads have such a difficult time resisting this horrible insidious candy from hell and actually look for help. So can we then say that this stuff is the devil's candy? We can. Is that what it really is? It could be if we keep it simple. It cannot be that simple. Yes it can. Counselors, certified staff members and treatment doctors in facilities that offer help in abstaining only, say you will spend your lifetime in recovery do not believe past 12 step addiction arresting, or the AA, CA, NA way.
They say these are the only ways to help a crack addict find freedom (or in recovery language) "to arrest your addiction" and hold onto to your past ways so as to not repeat them along with remembering your last high and celebrating an addict with an addiction sobriety birthday. They tell you to go to meetings to help an addict in treating this so called disease. Without being labeled a disease, insurance will not cover much except maybe a 28 day stay in a facility that does not help in addressing anything more than groups, meetings, sponsorship and remaining "powerless" over defined clinical addiction as stated in the very 1st step of any 12 step program. We have to admit we are powerless.
This goes directly against God's word which clearly states that we have power over all things through God by accepting Jesus Christ as God's son who did live, did die and did rise to live again and sent the Holy Spirit to help us with any and ALL types of addiction. Faith in this is the trigger in stopping the madness of being an addict who smokes crack cocaine.
We believe there is a devils candy and it is more than just an addiction. We believe it does possess your body, soul and spirit. By possessing the body, soul and spirit of the user, it traps everyone around it into a horrible lifestyle and brings tremendous strain on one's family. The journey crack cocaine sends one on, and the conclusion that indeed crack cocaine is evil and any rational normal thought would have to conclude that it is an addiction and possession from the darkest depths of despair and that God had nothing to do with it.

Got To Start Somewhere:
Where do you start with such a horrible drug addiction and possession to such an insidious substance? How can I possibly just say words on how to end your madness with this horrible insidious substance called crack cocaine and expect that to just happen? Because of the harsh reality of what a stupid punk crackhead I had become gives me the ability to do just that, give you words to attack crack so you too can conquer the devil's candy and be free forever just like I am. With crack cocaine, ya know when ya know.

I Lost Everything:
When I nearly lost my soul from smoking crack cocaine, I found incredible power in writing. I wrote everything down on paper. All my thoughts, food intake and quality, physical accomplishments, cool words that I read, phrases I heard spoken, scriptures I somehow was pointed to, feelings of being a complete and lost crack head and hating that description of me, some trivial ideas of grandeur for some kind of life for me, names and places of interest, plans for success, charts of my existing life in treatment barracks, fantasies of love and family, stupid idiot behaviors witnessed by me and anything in any category you come up with in a facility that facilitates crack heads. This process lasted 87 days from the 90 day "alternative-to-jail" program I happen to be in.
I had power from writing words. For some unexplained reason at the time, the power felt like it was going directly against the devil's candy. Even then I was not sure how to explain this and was quickly labeled "never to get better for asking questions and stating feelings". I just had this compelling power being aimed at the madness in my life and hope started to manifest right in front of my eyes. My narrow existence was now opening up and I was again writing more and more and was finding the old Todd as God created me and experiencing this cool feeling of power over this gripping possession from crack cocaine for the first time in my life.

The Insanity:
The insanity of doing nothing else but smoking crack cocaine every awake moment of everyday is maddening. I had a relentless desire to do this at any and all expense no matter what, no matter who, no matter how, no matter why, no matter when, no matter where. It was truly a horrible passion. It is through this passion to smoke crack cocaine that the power of this evil transforms into an internal weapon to destroy your life and those around you. Crack cocaine can only be the devil's candy. Nothing else made sense or worked for me to stop my passion to smoke the devils candy. For me that is what it is...the devils candy. It is just as it was and will always be just as it is.

Regular Definition:
We must define crack cocaine in a regular way so some can see the insanity of crack cocaine actually being more than a disease. I am doing this just for case you might need something to let you know. I, Todd Gibson really did smoke crack cocaine every day of my pathetic crackhead life for 10 years, and all that was ever said was that I did not want to stop...if I did, I could and would.
All THAT is in other parts of our website ministry. Right here right now will be the "regular definition" of cocaine, and we do know we need coke to make and have crack.
Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant and highly addictive. It is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant, correctly spelled and named Erythroxylon coca.

Named because of the break up; (term, crack), (term, cracking)) of crystals of (term, cocaine) during its manufacture and use.

The Regular Description:
Cocaine is a whitish powder usually crystalline in form that brings an overwhelming feeling of euphoria when used.
As a Schedule II drug, means legitimate medical uses. Cocaine can be administered by a licensed physician and this drug can be used as a local anesthetic for some kinds of surgery.
Cocaine in powder form is known as coke, flake, C, blow, toot and snow. Cocaine is most commonly snorted. It is also injected.
Now we have crack, which is smoking cooked powder cocaine that brings an immediate false and overwhelming demonic high. Crack comes in chunks or tooth sized pieces called rocks. Little crumbs are called kibbles and used to hook someone into the crack trap!

Complete Freedom:
We have complete freedom from this candy of the enemy. Simple as that. You too can have this freedom we are talking about. If in fact you are truly seeking this freedom, get our materials, work our program and use our 75 Day Guide to Freedom from crack cocaine forever.
We consistently expose the truth. We care that you find freedom from this horrible addiction, contamination and possession. What we have brings true support, with hope and faith you will find solid rehabilitation and have the kind of treatment format that will bring God's favor over your life of hell with crack cocaine and turn it into freedom forever.

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to bring you our truth in destroying crack cocaine forever!

Crackheads with money >>> Go to Jail >>> Prison >>> or Die!