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You can start by calling us at 616-249-9330. or you can email us - our email addresses are found on our contact page. We suggest you get our How to Stop Smoking Crack Cocaine Paperback book and start listening to our LIVE recorded audio seminars. Get started and KEEP GOING!


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Daily Structured Format
Directly Attacks Crack
Divine Intervention
Audio Program Support
Crack Freedom Bible

This is the:
75 Day Guide to Freedom

75 Day Program

Complete Kill Crack Kit $19.99

Real Life Story
Biblically Inspired
A mother's crack-hell
Lost and then found
A legacy for freedom

Agape Love

Complete Kill Crack Kit $19.99
Crack abyss description
 >Sweetness of deception
Quips to quit crack with
Powerful healing truths
Scripture is included

Devils Candy

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Camille's Journey
Crack is whack?
Might be worth it
› "I am glad she did"
The Crack Conqueress

I Love A Crackhead

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ALL 4 books
POWER over crack
Hope, freedom & truth

>Complete Kill Crack Kit

Complete Kill Crack Kit $19.99

Crackheads with money;  Go to Jail - Prison - or Die!