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Devilscandy Book Description 

It is just as it was and will always be just as it is.

The journeys that crack took me on, ended up being many blessings. It exposed me to the evil side of life. It is there that I found and ate and loved the “Devil’s Candy”. This hideous stuff could be nothing but evil.

My story is no different than anyone who still is or has been a crack-head. A crack addict can change. I am proof of that. My changed life is a result of my changed heart. I am very fortunate.

Without the sacrifice of being safe with safe people and the desire for faith and of trust, and doing whatever it takes to have these things, otherwise the desire to smoke crack will deceive you and destroy all that stands in its path.

And still more treatment. How many is enough? Why can’t I stop smoking crack? Is it because of what I am told as far as not following all the ‘treatment’ steps and traditions and not making it work?

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Crackheads with money >>> Go to Jail >>> Prison >>> or Die!