Destroy Crack Cocaine

How to Get Started

You can start by calling us at 616-249-9330. or you can email us - our email addresses are found on our contact page. We strongly suggest you get our

75 Day Destroy
Crack Cocaine Program
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Crack Attacking Tools

Description of Picture.The Crack Dont's

1. Don't ever let a crackhead have money
2. Don't believe anything a crackhead says
3. Don't leave vauables around when a crackhead is near
4. Don't believe it is your fault for their crackheaded-ness
5. Don't call employer and make excuses for them
6. Don't mask crack possession as just an alcohol problem
7. Don't give a crackhead access to any vehicle alone
8. Don't buy presents w/receipts for any known crackhead
9. Don't allow anything but direct deposit they cannot access
10. Don't be afraid to say crackhead
11. Don't pay any bills, bank charges or crack dealer debt
12. Don't be afraid to confront their crackhead behavior with truth
13. Don't allow a crackhead to live rent FREE - anywhere
14. Don't protect a crackhead from consequences from crack
15. Don't offer more than rehab, streets or the 75 Days
16. Don't chase them or crack - pray for safe return
17. Don't be afraid to call the police
18. Don't accept coming home late again - sleep at the crackhouse
19. Don't be inconsistent
20. Don't focus on perfection - focus on progress
21. Don't expect immediate 100% freedom - it is a process
22. Don't believe anything said from a jail call begging to get out
23. Don't be afraid to PISS 'EM OFF!


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Must Do List

1. Research and study all of our websites Sites: #1  #2  #3  #4
2. Listen daily to a recorded 75 Day Audio Seminar
3. Join our Support Group and participate daily
4. Print, display and follow The Crack Don'ts exactly as described
5. Print, display and follow the 13 Beliefs for power
6. Get our FREE "Kill Crack Kit"
7. Write daily in group and start a personal journal
8. Call us for instructions BEFORE a crack episode catastrophe
9. Recruit a "Crack Attacking" Team
10. Listen to DVC's Ministry Music to soothe your soul

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1. We believe in each success not every failure
2. We believe we have made some mistakes - all of us
3. We believe the crack-trap is physical and emotional
4. We believe when we stumble and falter-we listen to Camille
5. We believe you know nothing about killing crack
6. We believe we eagerly and diligently seek for answers
7. We believe crack cocaine becomes everyone's problem
8. We believe true support is faith in a power greater than crack's
9. We believe safe places, proper clothes & decent food matters
10. We believe the 75 Day Program can bring freedom from crack
11. We believe once the 75 Day program works-we still attack crack
12. We believe this journey requires your complete effort
13. We believe this program can release God's power over crack



Crackheads with money >>> Go to Jail >>> Prison >>> or Die!