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This is the DVC Ministry Audio HELP Page:
  The audio message is to help guide you through this site. We want to empower you with as much hope as we can. Sometimes with crack cocaine, that is all there is.

Audio Message:
  Simply click on this "Website Audio Tour" link or next to my guitar. The message lasts 6 minutes and describes how we have put the format of this website in a way that we hope is a simple yet powerful journey. Most of the time those who do find us, are desperate for answers.
  We know how to stop crack cocaine in a way that is completely different than other treatment methods. We believe all is possible including conquering crack forever. We do not support only going for 24 hours at a time. We believe in forever. We do not support a powerlessness.
  We believe crack cocaine is the devil's candy and we will teach you how to beat this sweetness of deception called crack cocaine a.k.a. "devil's candy". When our program is followed as instructed, we have 100% success.  Have a listen.

Guitar Todd
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Our 75 Day Program is intended to carry with you at all times.
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