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The Crack Don'ts

  1. DON'T ever let a crackhead have money.
2. DON'T believe anything a crackhead says.
3. DON'T leave valuables around the house when a crackhead is present.
4. DON'T believe you are the reason they are possessed by crack cocaine.
5. DON'T call their employer and make excuses for them.
6. DON'T mask crack possession with just an alcohol problem.
7. DON'T give a crackhead access to any vehicle, alone!
8. DON'T buy presents for any known active crackhead.
9. DON'T allow anything but direct deposit they cannot access.
10. DON'T be afraid to say crackhead.
11. DON'T pay bills, rent, check charges, crack-dealer debts, NOTHING!
12. DON'T be afraid to confront their crack-behavior with truths and facts.
13. DON'T allow a crackhead free rent if you let them live with you.
14. DON'T protect a crackhead from their crack-behavior consequences.
15. DON'T offer more than the streets or rehab that is it.
16. DON'T chase them or crack cocaine. Pray for a safe return.
17. DON'T be afraid to call the police.
18. DON'T accept calling or coming home late again...go sleep at the crack-house!
19. DON'T be inconsistent.
20. DON'T focus on perfection...focus on progress.
21. DON'T expect immediate 100% is a process.
22. DON'T believe ANYTHING said in jail begging to get out.
23. DON'T be afraid to PISS 'EM OFF

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Crackheads with money go to jail, prison or die!

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