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Press Release

Press Release

Grand Rapids Michigan Couple Attacks Crack with a Vengeance

  Grand Rapids, Michigan//FPSnewswire/ - Don't know anything about crack cocaine? You should learn. Todd and Camille Gibson are on a mission to expose the truth about crack cocaine. Todd who had a 10 year everyday addiction to crack cocaine is now 9 years free and has a ministry to help others conquer their crack cocaine addiction forever. Camille who in the beginning had no clue what crack cocaine was now spends her free time counseling the loved ones of crack addicts when she is not attending to the couples 3 young daughters.

  "We run our ministry from the basement of our home", states Camille. "Yes, we help hundreds of people all over the world who are devastated by crack use. "I was in the revolving doors of crime, crack, jail and treatment for 10 years, never having the hope of ever breaking free from the grip crack cocaine had on me", Todd speaks tearfully. Todd continues to say, "I have found freedom and want every person addicted to crack cocaine to know that there is hope through our ministry. There is true freedom from crack cocaine and a wonderful life that follows once a person conquers their addiction to crack cocaine".

  Todd and Camille have 13 beliefs instead of the traditional 12 steps or clinical textbook ways of beating crack addiction. "These programs have their place, but from our experience we have yet to see them work in maintaining sobriety from crack cocaine. Our belief number one is, 'We believe in each success not every failure'. We only deal with crack cocaine because there is nothing like crack. Oh, every addiction has its problems but crack, well crack is destroying our world as we know it and no one is taking it seriously", Camille mentions.

  Todd and Camille believe one of the best tools in conquering crack cocaine addiction is to expose all the crack lies, followed by educating yourself as to what crack cocaine is, how it works and how to fight it if you are addicted. There are many famous actors addicted to crack; even our Presidents niece has crack cocaine problems. "It's everywhere. We help people in America, London, Africa, Iraq, Japan, Iceland, Canada; you name the place and we have had someone from there contact our ministry desperately seeking help. We know our program works when you work it. It has not failed me and it will not fail you", Todd declares.

  This ministry offers help to those addicted to crack as well as their family and friends. Todd and Camille have a 75 day self-help program, a live weekly internet radio show, 3 books published and several more in the process. All books, programs and materials will be available soon in ebook form on their websites. Their services can include a personal visit. Todd also is an establish guitarist with some of the most soothing healing melodies out there and this crack-attacking couple have over 800 members in their internet support groups. Crack Cocaine can be conquered!

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