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How To Work this Program

Understand and accept this is a spiritual battle for your soul. Learn the crack attacking scriptures and then use them. Carry the 75 Day Do-It-Yourself Guide with you at all times. It takes 75 Days to completely detoxify the possession in your soul. Faith and trust are essential components in our actions, words and our ability to show progress.

Following the rules and instructions exactly as described in this ministry will determine how well you actually do. Applying anything that works to attack crack cocaine is accepted and expected. Use this booklet before the urges come. Do not be shy about yelling at crack cocaine. Commit to this program until you are free from this possession. Spend more time on this program per day than thinking about how to smoke some crack. Stay on the day you are on, do not go forward. Get really pissed-off at the devil's candy.

Stopping the madness of crack cocaine addiction sometimes gets worse before it gets better. The stranglehold tightens before it loosens especially now that this journey has begun. Crack cocaine addiction can be conquered by starting and then continuing to work the 75 Day Do-It-Yourself Guide.

Without scripture, which is God's word, it is very difficult and only temporary in your quest to stop smoking crack. Treatment Centers and Programs that DO NOT support scripture, is NOT where I would go today given a choice.

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