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Crack cocaine can be conquered forever
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13 Beliefs for Living Crack Free Forever

1. We believe in each success not every failure.

2. We believe we have made mistakes, collectively and individually.

3.  We believe we all experience the crack-trap physically and emotionally.

4.  We believe when you stumble and falter, get back up and listen to Camille.

5.  We believe you know nothing about destroying crack cocaine.

6.  We believe you will eagerly and diligently seek for the answers you need.

7.  We believe crack cocaine becomes everyone's problem.

8.  We believe true support is faith in a power greater than crack's power.

9.  We believe safe places, proper clothes and eating decent food matters.

10.  We believe the 75 Day Program can bring our freedom from crack cocaine.

11.  We believe once the 75 Day Program works, we still attack crack!

12.  We believe this journey to crack-freedom requires your complete effort.

13.  We believe this program will release God's power over crack cocaine.

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Crackheads with money go to jail, prison or die!

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