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Agape Love

Agape Love Book Description 

Agape Love:
 Unconditional love, a perfect feat of balance. Not just a state of mind, but a state of doing. One we often dream of obtaining. One, we can easily assume we live in naturally. Seems most of us do not get the opportunity to practice it.

I stumbled unaware into it. At the time I was so absorbed in the terror and desperation of events, surrounding my crackhead son. Agape Love as a motivation or end result was not even on my mind.

 I could mourn the crack addiction. I could pray for it to leave. I could try to contribute to its death. I could pretend it was not here, year after year, or that it might always be here.

 Maybe even that death might take it away, as well as my son, or that there is and was a quick and easy answer.

 2 Formats: eBook or Paperback

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